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We are now closed until we get the go-ahead to re-open
               The Ontario Emergency Regulations Act has forced our closure. Keep well, see you soon!
                - Our showcase is currently being re-scheduled

We will be opening when we get the authorization to do so.
           We will start with a limited number of classes on our Summer Schedules
           The first classes will be with Tim only and build on the schedule each week!


ATTITUDES master class - News letter    May 5, 2020

         Hello! I hope this note finds you well and that you are not too bored. Thank you for supporting us as we navigate this challenging situation.
The health, safety, and wellbeing of our students, staff, parents, and audience members will continue to be our highest priority.

 I hope you are taking advantage of our free “ATTITUDES master class LIVE” exercises on our Facebook page.
If you are not aware, we have been running warm-up classes on-line 4 to 5 times per week.
(You do not need to be on Facebook to join, and the previous recordings are still there for you to use).

We will be returning to classes as soon as we get the go-ahead from the government sources.

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our BIG SALE on cards, memberships,
and for those who sent e-transfers for costumes and classes. You have gotten us through some trying times.

All memberships and seasonal programs will be extended the number of weeks that were missed due to the shutdown.
Dance cards will always be accepted, as they do not expire.

The Chinese Spring Show at Markham theatre has been re-scheduled to Jan 17, 2021 in the same format as before.

Our Showcase 2020 is being re-scheduled to still happen this year (2020) and will be announced when we know how the safety
and timing is going to work. Most tickets for May have already been refunded by the theatre
and we will start over again when everything is committed with the theatre.

Just a mention about the small businesses in your area. Our expenses are still basically the same.
The amounts are slightly reduced for hydro and gas, but just marginally. Telephone is still the same.
Rent is still the same. Although there are government assistance programs, many are not useful for us.
Landlords still want their full rent but are being flexible about payments.
They do not want to lose 25% of their income and government programs are voluntary.
Government loans do not solve the problem, they just extend the debt.
These two months are lost income for all service industry businesses.
We do not have a product that can be sold when we re-open. It is income we will never recover.

     So please keep this in mind when you are out and about ready to spend some money.
If you have the funds, please keep it local so everyone can get on their feet again. 

Just a thought. Keep well. 

Tim Turney ATTITUDES master class

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